Review: Magmod Magsphere Flash Diffuser

magmod magsphereCrowdfunding has brought us many useful products. Some of these products would not have been possible without the help of crowd sourcing websites such as Kickstarter. One such product that has been made possible by Kickstarter is the Magmod MagSphere

It is a Compact flash modifier and the creators promise that it will make your flash 300% bigger. In other words, it offers a very soft lighting and it is one of the products that we feel can take on the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible.

It’s important to note that this product is not completely revolutionary but it is designed smartly. In fact, we are of the opinion that this product has the potential to completely change the manner in which light modifiers are attached to flash lights in the near future. We are going to take a very close look at this product.

Let us first take a close look at the various pros and cons of this flash modifier.


  • It is very compact in size.
  • It is highly durable and leaves behind the Gary Fong Lightsphere in durability.
  • It easily connects to the camera.
  • It produces extremely soft light when the situation is right.


  • The texture is not really smooth but it is highly durable.
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It has dimensions of 2.5 x 5 x 3.25 inches and it weighs 0.56 pounds. Information from their Website

 Key Features

Ergonomically Designed

As mentioned above, this flash modifier is different in design. It has a bulbous shape but not exactly. The shape plateaus at one point. In the picture above, the Magsphere is at the top and the Magmod is around the head.

You can use magnets to connect the Magmod and the Magsphere. These magnets put together create a really heavy feeling lock and it’s very different from the belt system. It is very easy to use and its ergonomics are completely straightforward. We feel that the design is very clever as it can be attached in a straightforward manner and it can also be flipped in either direction.

You can easily see the flash head while looking straight on. It doesn’t need more diffusion if it is used in the correct manner.

 Build Quality

As far as the texture of this product is concerned, it has a bit of a weird feeling but you are not buying this product to fondle it with your hands. It feels extremely durable and is pliable. Users need to attach it to the Magmod using the magnets and there is absolutely nothing more to using it.


It is extremely easy to use. The most difficult part in using this product is to attach the Magmod to the flash as it requires use of your thumbs and hand to stretch it to get it into the right place. Once that is done, you can easily fix the light modifier directly onto the Magmod easily. You will also need to ensure that it is fixed a bit further down the flash head.

Once the above is in place, you just need to pop it on and position the light at the right spot to start shooting. We do recommend making use of a light meter to get the best results but it does work well in TTL.

 Image Quality

We are extremely impressed by the light diffusion by this product. It diffuses light very subtly that is comparable to the diffusion produced by the Streaklight series by Adorama Flashpoint. The diffusion is very different from the diffusion you get when you point a light source at the ceiling.

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It is a highly useful flash modifier that is not just fun to use but it also has the potential to change the way products are created in this category by the manufacturers. Photographers who use small flashes and cannot afford to carry around a big softbox will find it very useful. However, this is not a replacement but it can be easily carried in a camera by most strobists.

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